Old Dog / New Trick

I just finished the Interim Executive Leadership training at New York’s Support Center for Nonprofit Management. It was a great experience. There’s nothing like a new tool in the toolbox to reinvigorate your marketing efforts, stimulate your creativity and expand your horizons.

The session was incredibly informative, well run and reflective of the general level of excellence that defines all the Support Center’s work. The other trainees were a great group of people – all from disparate but nonetheless impressive backgrounds.

It was great to learn the difference between being and ED and an Interim. The ED requires vision and leadership while the Interim requires the ability to stabilize an organization in transition while assessing it to help the Board fully understand what they really need in their next CEO. Both require significant financial acuity. The assessment proecss is similar to what Abdale Consulting offers in our organizational scan.

It was also great to learn that I have the characteristics necessary to help an organization through such a trying time including; Optimism, Flexibility, Generosity, Humor, Intuition, and the ability to quickly establish relationships and trust. If anyone knows of an organization that needs an interim ED, please let me know and, if you are in the New York area, check out the many training and consulting opportunities at the Support Center: